Azrael (immaculate_beam) wrote in narnia_boys,

Title: Finally (part 2/2)

Pairing: Will/Skandar

: M

: I don't own them, I just wish.


Back at the hotel room that night Skandar removes his clothes in less than ten seconds and Will is left still fumbling with his buttons. Skandar takes over and kisses the exposed golden flesh of Will’s stomach, which is hot and smooth. All the while Will is trying to savor the moment but is too nervous. He’s trembling. Skandar can feel Will’s heavy breathing and slight shaking and faces him to take his hands in his own, The boy covers Will’s throat with tender kisses and his lips against Will’s neck are so heavenly.

“Shh, Will. It‘s okay.” Skandar’s voice is so soothing. Will had imagined he’d be the one in Skandar’s position, dominant and trying to calm the boy. Instead, Skandar was the one who comforted Will. Will, who has never been with a boy, allows Skandar to continue kissing his neck, along his jaw, to his full eager lips. There is something new and wonderful about having another firm male body pressed to his. Skandar’s body.

Skandar is so warm. And naked. Will hasn’t even fully registered that Skandar is completely unclothed and absolutely beautiful, thin, and taut. His prominent male feature is fully erect and pressing into Will’s thigh. Will quickly removes his pants, boxers, shoes, and socks. Now they are both exposed, vulnerable.

Will has always been the big-brother figure and suddenly feels as if Skandar knows just what to do.

“Skandar,” Will gasps through a kiss, Skandar’s hand trailing down his stomach, lower and lower. “Have you- are you a virgin?”

“Yes,” Skandar whispers. “Are you?”

“Yes, you know that,” Will answers automatically.

“Good,” Skandar half giggles. “I want you to be the person I share this with.”

Will feels a rush of affection for Skandar and gently wraps his hand around Skandar’s stiff cock, tenderly stroking the length. Skandar is moaning lightly and takes Will’s cock. Skandar has never been touched so intimately before and has always recoiled at any physical contact with another. Now, however, he feels safe with Will and allows Will to clutch his back, nibble and suck at his lips, touch his cock. Will certainly is good at that, he’s now twisting his hand around and slipping Skandar’s foreskin back and forth. He’s spreading the pearly moisture of Skandar’s pre-come over the head and feels Skandar shudder.

It’s time to go further and Will is unsure. He wants Skandar, but he’s unsure of what to do. Skandar seems to read his thoughts and says “Will, I know you’re the older one, but let me top.” Will is only too grateful. Grateful to for once not be in charge of things and so glad at the thought of Skandar being inside of him. To Skandar, there is nothing more important in the world now than to show Will how much he loves him and to make him feel good.

“Come on, baby,” Skandar nudges Will. “The bed,” he manages to get the words out as Will showers kisses on his clavicles. The feeling of Will’s moist lips on the protruding bones and sensitive skin is electric.

They hit the bed and Skandar is on top pushing Will to turn over. Will feels turned on and almost ashamed all at once from being so exposed and presses his face into a pillow.

“Hey,” Skandar’s voice is gentle. “Will, it’s okay. I love you,” he kisses Will’s shoulder blades and strokes his silky blond hair.

Will’s heart skips a beat and then pounds in his chest. “I love you too,” is all he can manage to say now.

Skandar is licking his fingers. He inserts one into Will’s hole. In and out, in and out. Will has never felt this before. Skandar adds another finger and stretches Will some more, going deeper. When he adds a third finger, Will groans from the slight pain and pleasure. When Skandar removes his fingers, they accidentally brush Will’s prostate and he lets out a gasp.

“Okay, baby. Are you ready, Will?” They are both apprehensive and excited. Will’s cock is rock hard, pressed between him and the mattress.


Skandar takes Will’s left leg and puts it on his shoulder, slightly elevating one side of Will. Somehow, he instinctively knows it’ll make it feel better for Will. In once quick motion, Skandar enters Will and they both moan. Will is so warm and tight, Skandar’s cock is so hard and strong inside of him. They both move their pelvises in unison and Will grips the sheets, jaw clenched in pain that is overtaken with extreme pleasure as Skandar clutches Will’s leg over his shoulder and the other hip.

After a while of Skandar trying different angles with his cock and Will forgetting to breathe in the ecstasy and tenderness, Skandar hits Will’s spot. Will’s whole body jerks and the sound of his delight is so sweet to Skandar’s ears. He continues thrusting and Will clenches, wanting more of Skandar.

“Will!” Skandar half shouts, half whispers over and over again.

“Skandar, so good!”

Will’s back muscles are clenched between his shoulders and Skandar is close. Then, Will feels a rush of warm wetness inside of him and hears Skandar’s rapturous cries. He keeps thrusting back, to make it so good for Skandar. Eventually, Skandar collapses, Will’s left leg tangled with his body. They are both out of breath and Will moans a little.

Of course, Will was still waiting. He turned over to display to the younger boy his throbbing erection, which was now uncomfortably hard and a little painful. Skandar knelt between Will’s spread legs and began to pump his lover’s cock. The soft dusting of pubic hair was like spun gold and left a trail up to Will’s belly button.

Skandar took Will’s hand and clasped it around his own so they were both pumping Will’s dick.

“Show me how, baby. Show me how you like to be touched.”

Will used his hand to guide Skandar’s over his cock, slowly and gently down the whole length and up to the mushroom head, pulling the foreskin up and down. He cupped the side of Skandar’s angular face, now pink cheeked, with his free hand and looked into the obsidian eyes.

After a few moments Will could feel himself reaching the point and he arched his back as he covered Skandar chest in come.


That night, the two boys slept holding each other. In early morning hours, Skandar awoke. Moonlight was pouring into the room and he could see that Will was awake as well. He had been watching him sleep. Without speaking, they made a silent vow to each other to never let this feeling leave them.

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