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Narnia Boys - Fans of the boys in Narnia
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We are a narnia fan community for the guys of Narnia. We welcome all sorts of fan fiction, icons, art, etc. that members would like to post. Feel free to join and start posting!

Icons, Banners, and other Graphics

1) Please don't post graphics if you say you don't like them. Why post something you're ashamed of?

2) Have at least 3 or more graphics to post. Previews are fine but all wallpapers, banners, and things should be behind an lj cut.

3) Dont make a post asking for a tutorial or a request for graphics. icon_tutorial is a good place to get tutorials and request them. You can check with a user but please read their journal and bio first to see if they take requests and don't harass anyone.

4) Icons should be, to comply with LiveJournal's requirements, no bigger than 100 x 100 and no larger than 40kb. Check to make sure your icons meet these requirements.

Fan Fiction

All fan fic is welcome, including slash, but please:

1) Use a lj cut for the story.

2) Be kind with constructive cristiscm when commenting on fics. Any bashing, harassing, etc. will result in you being banned. There is a difference between critiquing to help someone improve and just trying to put them down.


If you've got a picture or something else you have drawn that you would like to post, feel free to! However, all images over 80KB in size or 300 x 300 in width and height should be put behind an LJ cut.


If you've got something interesting you found out or something you would like to know you can certainly ask, but please don't try to invade anyone (including celebrities) privacy. Asking questions such as 'does will have a girlfriend' etc. will result in your posting rights being pulled.

Also, CREDIT user graphics and follow all other rules they post!