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A shuffle for two hot boys

Title: A shuffle for two hot boys
Author: Gard (scorpia_strikes)
Category: Slash
Genres: Angst, PWP/lemon, Drabble
Pairing: Edmund/Peter, Skandar/William
Word Count: 2121
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The standard thing, put your iPod on shuffle and write something out of the first ten songs. Each one is individual and each one can and should be read alone, but feel free to see a connection where it's possible.
Authors Notes: My first post here! Fun, fun. This is mostly done out of boredom and for my own sake, to get me out of the block I have at the moment. I felt like sharing. This is not betaed in any way and I wrote it in a rush, so mistakes may contain and you're most welcome to correct me. I've also added translations for those who aren't that familiar with the German and the Norwegian languages. The cuts lead to my journal.

Tomorrow comes today

Du hast

This land is mine

Das alte Leid


Aldri solgt en løgn

End of all hope

Heaven on earth

Küss mich

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